Episode 10

Death By Chocolate

Unfortunately, I have had a very nasty fall which has resulted in me being in plaster and losing the use of my arm. That coupled with the strong painkillers has made it nearly impossible to do my normal show, but the lovely Nikki Druce at Macabre London has stepped in with one of her shows so that you're not left hanging.

So, on with the show...

Today we take a trip to the charming seaside town of Brighton about an hour and half drive away from London and explore the tale of the chocolate cream murderer, Christiana Edmunds.

Victorian poisoners don't come stranger than this so make sure you stay tuned to find out exactly why this crime of passion hugely back fired and how he narrowly avoided becoming a serial killer, despite trying to be one!

This is another episode of Macabre Mini Mysteries which is part of the Macabre London podcast universe- a combination YouTube and Podcast show! We focus on making true crime documentary and recounting weird tales for London and all over the world!







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