Episode 2

The Murderous Bank Robber

The Murderous Bank Robber

Season: 5 Episode: 2

It was a normal Friday afternoon in Knowle, Bristol, when a man was spotted acting suspiciously near the Lloyds Bank. Little did they know that the day would end with a robbery of £1,444 which would spark a nationwide manhunt, and a murder still unsolved 66 years later


John Rowe - Tony Allen

Murderer - Joe Wilson

Chief Det. Supt F. Carter - Steve Yeo

Dr Hassan - Steve Sheperd

Police Officer - Marcus KP 


This podcast has been specially edited from a Bradley Stoke Radio show in Bristol, England. 

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The National Archives

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Daily Mirror - Friday 23 September 1949


Sound Effects by zapsplat.com

Intro music by The Model Folk 

Back In The Day music by Freesoundmusic


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